Power Flushing

Ageing central heating systems with circulation and boiler noise problems can be caused by an accumulation of sludge, corrosion, debris and scale. Power flushing will cure most circulation problems.

The Power Flush machine acts as a high-powered pump that is connected into the heating system. The powerful flow, combined with instantaneous flow reversal will dislodge and mobilise deposits and corrosion. Cleaning chemicals are added which dissolve iron oxides, sludge and lime scale.

Once mobilised, these deposits are then removed by pumping fresh clean water into the system, which serves to flush out contaminated water. By directing the full output from the pump through each radiator separately, they are cleaned & flushed without the need to remove or disconnect them from the system.

After the final flushing of the radiators, the clean system is then ready for treatment with a corrosion inhibitor. Without this treatment, no guarantees can be given as to the life or efficiency of the system.

Where a new boiler is to be fitted on an older system, cleansing is of utmost importance in order to remove layers of Magnetite and in hard water areas, limescale. If this is not done, a HI Efficiency boiler with a SEDBUK A or B rating would be brought down to a C or D rating, making the installation impracticable and resulting in early failure of the boiler. This would not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty in these circumstances. 

In order to give the system it’s full life expectancy, system cleansing should always be carried out.

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